Crowdfunding: Charm EP & Remixes

Hey! We need your support, to help raise £1800 for our first ever musical release - 'Charm EP'. This features brand new material, written and performed by us, plus 3 exclusive remixes from some very talented producers. This is our chance to take a huge step forward as an emerging artist and launch our music into the ears of many new listeners. In return, we have a smorgasbord of perks for your kind donations. Digital / CD EPs, posters, t-shirts, stickers, music lessons and live performances!

This campaign is crucial to us - it is the funding for our first ever release. Earlier this year we recorded 3 of our tracks at the legendary Foel Studios in Wales. In keeping with a dance scene tradition, we commissioned 3 exclusive remixes from world class producers. This has grown into a 9-track whopper, sweetly named 'Charm EP'. Whatever your music taste, this record will get you dancing... Everything is ready to go but we need your help to get ready for the launch!

Supporting YMJ

We've got our original recordings and masters. However, to release the EP we need to raise £1800 for the remixes, merchandise, distribution and fees.

Charm EP

Yes Man Jellyfish - Charm EP

Yes Man Jellyfish - Charm EP

  1. Sleep
  2. True
  3. Flow
  4. Sleep (Dr Meaker Remix)
  5. True (Moodymanc Remix)
  6. True (POV Remix)
  7. Sleep (Dr Meaker Dub Mix)
  8. True (Moodymanc Dub Mix)
  9. True (POV Dub Mix)

Remix Artists

Dr Meaker - Moodymanc - POV

Dr Meaker - Moodymanc - POV

Dr Meaker - Hailing from Bristol, the spiritual home of live Drum & Bass, Dr Meaker have broken the mould with their unique fusion of sounds earning them fans across the globe.

Moodymanc - Danny Ward aka Dubble D, Moodymanc, Vault, Balaphonic and more to come... Crate digger, Jazz musician, Vinyl Record Producer, Re-mixer and DJ.

POV - Pete Gizauskas is a Bristol based DJ and part of the Parallel Dimensions group. Known for versatility in his live sets that borrow from all aspects of house, techno & disco, POV is certainly a dance-floor-centric DJ.

What You Win

Charm EP CD - Screen Printed T-shirt

Charm EP CD - Screen Printed T-shirt

Waterproof Circle Sticker - Live Performances

Waterproof Circle Sticker - Live Performances

  • Free: All donations include a free waterproof circular sticker, collected at a gig or by arrangement. Or delivered with CD, poster or t-shirt.
  • Digital Download: Link to download high quality audio files will be sent to you on release date.
  • Delivery: CD, poster, t-shirt or sticker will be delivered to your door on release date or P&P refunded upon collection.
  • T-shirts: Size chest (to fit): S - 34/36" // M - 38/40" // L - 42/44" // XL - 46/48" // XXL - 50/52".
  • Music Lessons: We can come to you... Louise is an accomplished piano player featuring in several bands. She currently teaches keyboard in schools across Bristol. Tim is a virtuoso guitarist, managing Hobgoblin music shop in Bristol. He currently has several students. Richard is an experienced drummer, having played and recorded with jazz, rock and pop bands across the country. He has taught various students from beginner to intermediate.
  • Live Performances: We'll travel to you with our own gear. Our travel costs are free up to 30 miles from Bristol. We can bring a PA and engineer for a small £50 fee.

Other Ways You Can Help

    We understand that not everybody can contribute, but you can still help us. Please help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign - tell everybody and we can add more Jellies to our team! Also please take a moment to click share on this page, it is much appreciated :)


    Thank you so much for reading and supporting us and championing new music! We will be in touch very soon to give you the goodies we have made! Special thanks to James Billett for photography and videography, Cheers, YMJ

    Yes Man Jellyfish Band

    Yes Man Jellyfish, 7 Upper Perry Hill, Bristol, , BS3 1NH

    All it takes is an idea but sometimes this idea takes time. Then such an idea cannot wait any longer… Can we play dance music completely live?

    Yes Man Jellyfish is a brainchild that has finally come into being. Immersed in dance culture, it becomes natural to dissect the sound... To emulate the breaks and hooks that create such swelling pulses. After years of playing in rock, pop and jazz bands, live dance music is a natural step.

    Bristol’s stable of musicians provided the perfect melting pot to form this unique band.Drummer Richard Entwistle and bassist Jim Brooke first began experimenting in 2015. This resulted in a colossal amount of electronic and acoustic instruments. It was soon realised that vibrant piano rhythms were crucial. So multi-instrumentalist Louise Schwarz joined on keys. Vocalist Abbey May fused the core line up, creating a powerful sound. Guitarist Tim Hearn then added his distinctive tone.

    Yes Man Jellyfish write and play dance music, completely live.