Foel Studio Diary

Hey, we just finished recording at the legendary Foel Studio. What an awesome experience it was. So we'd love to share all the magic, hi-jinks and awesome times with you - read on and enjoy! Photos at the end...

Friday 13th May (spooky)

First off, the Jelly-Mobile is packed to the roof with instruments and of course, a BBQ. Next comes a mega shop, this band can eat (& drink). Then a quick stop in PMT for some last bits of gear. Finally the 3 1/2 hour journey begins up through Wales to Foel Studio near Llanfair Caereinion. Some river crossing involved :O

Arriving in the sunny countryside does wonders for the spirit :) Just us, fields, animals, the studio and the Foel crew. The gaffa is Dave Anderson, bassist of Hawkwind, Space Ritual and many other legendary rock bands! Dave is as laid back as the rolling hills surrounding his musical estate and as steeped in history. Thomas Wild is the resident engineer and calmly runs the whole show. Tom works insanely hard and pores over every detail, making us sound brilliant. We just play our music and shower him with beers and food :)

By the time we finish setting up, a small dent has already been made in the supplies, particularly the SoCo! All the kit has been tweaked and a sound tracked which is pretty huge! All that's left is to get some rest before the big days ahead.

Saturday 14th May

Rise and shine, wake up and smell the coffee, get the fry up on! Bosh, straight into the studio before lunchtime for live tracking. Three songs in one weekend may not sound much. However, when you're capturing alternative dance music live it has to be perfectly orchestrated. Playing together we take the drums and bass. This seems to go pretty well so Rick and Jim get to chill a bit. Louise whips up a beautiful salad and the red wine matches perfectly with the sunshine.

Next up, Louise tracks most of her keys parts in record time. She is ridiculously pro', we're cooking now. Then Tim rigs up some heinously loud amp/cab setup to put down his guitars. There's actually heaps to do - rhythm, lead, solos and double tracks. However, this guy is pure metal pedigree and licks most of those riffs before the sun goes down. Jim's chilli also goes down pretty nicely; boys in the kitchen know how to cook it up! Finally, we need to pull back on the drinks because Abbey is up for some vocal takes. She is also a speed queen, with soaring notes coming out effortlessly. Tom whiles away the evening with some editing as we plough full steam ahead into card based partying and Eurovision!

Sunday 15th May

Another early start and a huge breakfast to shake off a few cobwebs. Final tracking in the morning during some lush sunny spells. Keys, guitars and vocals go down one after the other. The final stretch is complete, feeling like a musical cross-country-relay-race that's tons of fun.

Tom starts mixing and we light the BBQ, he comes out from behind the helm to some wicked burgers and trimmings. Into the evening we have a couple of preliminary mixes shaping up. It's time for some more of that chilli and making notes for Tom. Things are fitting into place and a sound emerges that gives us some serious hype! It's another late one but who cares? Crank is on TV and Jason Statham is really buzzed about destroying everything.

Monday 16th May

That last sleep felt good, now we're ready to finish this epic session. The last track to be mixed ends up taking longer than we thought, perfectly cliché. Although, Tom works his magic and we're in a happy place. It's all in the bag, so to speak.

Breaking the gear down, listening to Dave's outrageous tales and nomming tasty food fills out the day. Amidst this is some to-ing and fro-ing between the control room and cottage for playbacks. Abbey, Tim and Rick are left and this seems to be a good combination for getting the sound sweet.

Lastly but not least, it's time to give a huge thanks to Dave, Tom, the cats and the Welsh countryside for having us. This has been a really brilliant experience. Furthermore, it pushes Yes Man Jellyfish forwards at a rate of knots. We hit the road, still brimming with excitement. What we have is something pretty gnarly that we're hoping to release soon. It's a big sound and it's gonna get you dancing!

Thanks for reading,



Yes Man Jellyfish Band

Yes Man Jellyfish, 7 Upper Perry Hill, Bristol, , BS3 1NH

All it takes is an idea but sometimes this idea takes time. Then such an idea cannot wait any longer… Can we play dance music completely live?

Yes Man Jellyfish is a brainchild that has finally come into being. Immersed in dance culture, it becomes natural to dissect the sound... To emulate the breaks and hooks that create such swelling pulses. After years of playing in rock, pop and jazz bands, live dance music is a natural step.

Bristol’s stable of musicians provided the perfect melting pot to form this unique band.Drummer Richard Entwistle and bassist Jim Brooke first began experimenting in 2015. This resulted in a colossal amount of electronic and acoustic instruments. It was soon realised that vibrant piano rhythms were crucial. So multi-instrumentalist Louise Schwarz joined on keys. Vocalist Abbey May fused the core line up, creating a powerful sound. Guitarist Tim Hearn then added his distinctive tone.

Yes Man Jellyfish write and play dance music, completely live.