YMJ Music Record Label

YMJ Music

A belated Happy New Year,

Starting 2017 with a bang, we are very proud to announce the launch of YMJ Music. A new record label which will release our debut Charm EP - YMJ001 in February 2017.

From the creative hub of Bristol, UK, hailed for its musical talent, comes YMJ Music. An independent record label and home for alternative dance music and experimental artists. Its mission, to unite the dance-floor's energy with the feel of acoustic instruments and live performance. If the music moves your soul then let your feet follow.

Partnered with Para-dise Distribution, who look after a raft of premier dance artists, all digital outlets from Spotify to Beatport are covered. Look out for more information on releases and upcoming events.



Yes Man Jellyfish Band

Yes Man Jellyfish, 7 Upper Perry Hill, Bristol, , BS3 1NH

All it takes is an idea but sometimes this idea takes time. Then such an idea cannot wait any longer… Can we play dance music completely live?

Yes Man Jellyfish is a brainchild that has finally come into being. Immersed in dance culture, it becomes natural to dissect the sound... To emulate the breaks and hooks that create such swelling pulses. After years of playing in rock, pop and jazz bands, live dance music is a natural step.

Bristol’s stable of musicians provided the perfect melting pot to form this unique band.Drummer Richard Entwistle and bassist Jim Brooke first began experimenting in 2015. This resulted in a colossal amount of electronic and acoustic instruments. It was soon realised that vibrant piano rhythms were crucial. So multi-instrumentalist Louise Schwarz joined on keys. Vocalist Abbey May fused the core line up, creating a powerful sound. Guitarist Tim Hearn then added his distinctive tone.

Yes Man Jellyfish write and play dance music, completely live.